People. We like people.

We want to be part of a world where we can all be at home, for a moment, a meal, a lifetime.

A world where we are part of the same human family and where this exquisite planet of ours is home, for all of us to belong.

This is why we built Munch Together, because we are all family.

Who we are...

We’re all third culture kids, growing up and living somewhere else to where we started.

Mo was born in Gaza and has spent the last 20 years in Edinburgh, studying, working and starting a small family. A Palestinian man with a Scottish accent, an obsession with football and a love of meeting people.

Ilana was born in Oxford and grew up in Cape Town. She has been a social entrepreneur since she was a teenager. She likes to make things happen and gets to travel the world doing cool things. She really just wants to play with lions all day.

Kyle was born in Durban, South Africa and has lived in beautiful Edinburgh for 9 years. He's run businesses since he was 13 and loves efficiency more than most normal humans. A geek who knows all things tech, he wants to build software that changes lives.

Our story.

Mo's circumstances prevent him from going back to Gaza, but he’s always wanted to do something. He believes that if Israelis and Palestinians could sit around a table and have a meal together in each other’s homes - that it would allow space for more compassion and understanding.

We soon realised that this idea wasn’t limited to the conflict in Middle East, but contributes towards a greater vision of people from all cultures and backgrounds in homes across the world, eating home-cooked food together. This is how Munch Together was born.