Being a guest
our Munches from around the world.
in the fun. Knock knock... who will you meet?
Time to meet amazing people, chat, laugh, eat and make friends.

Guests often ask...

How do I know who the host is?

The host will have plenty of information available about themselves on their profile page. Give that a good read. You will learn a lot about their personality and their interests and hobbies. You will also be able to view a host's previous Munches. Check them out. There will be pictures of their home, the food, the surroundings, their pets, the people! We encourage you to read the reviews posted by other guests on their profile pages. Guest reviews are a great resource as they provide greater insight into the experience you can expect.

How long will it take the host to confirm my booking?

Your booking will be confirmed instantly once you pay for a Munch.

When will I receive my booking details and the exact location of the Munch?

Speedy Gonzalez! In other words, straight away. As soon as you confirm and pay for your Munch, your place will be confirmed and the host’s full address will be pinged over to you. You’ll also receive the host's contact details and any other information they want to communicate to you to help you arrive for the Munch.

What if I have to cancel my place at the Munch?

We understand that sometimes things come up, sometimes you have to reschedule and sometimes you may wish to cancel your place at a Munch. Our guidelines are that all cancellations get a full refund (including all service fees) so long as you give the host more than 48 hours notice. If it's more than 48 hours, then we unfortunately won't be able to refund you - think about the lovely food that the host has already purchased for you! If you have purchased places for other guests in the same booking, they will all be cancelled and refunded, if possible, when you cancel your place.

Do I get a refund if the host cancels the Munch?

Yes you will. If the host encounters a problem, or is unable to hold the Munch, you will notified and will be refunded in full including all service fees. Or, if you prefer, we’ll do our best to find you an alternative Munch.

Does Munch Together take a service fee on the price that I pay for the Munch?

The host of the Munch determines the price the guest pays to attend. Munch Together takes a small fee of 10% on top of the host's price to cover card processing fees and help with the running of the site to keep the Munches coming. You’ll be shown the service fee and full price breakdown when you’re about to pay for your place at a Munch.

At a Munch, I don’t feel safe. What do I do?

If at any point during a Munch you feel unsafe or if the host or your fellow guests behave in a way that is threatening or make you feel uncomfortable, we advise you to safely leave the Munch. We also want to know about this so as to keep the global family safe and open! Make sure to drop us an email giving us as much information about the Munch and what made you feel the way you felt. This is a serious matter and we will be in touch with the host and guests to understand what and why this happened.

After the Munch. What do I need to do/what happens?

Review time - woohoo! Give your host a review of the experience. This is the best way to grow the Munch Together community as it encourages newbies to become part of this amazing family. From there, you can find more Munches to attend or even open places up by creating your very own Munch.

So you want to be a host?
Host a Munch
for the world to come and enjoy your company and food.
Cook up a storm
as you prepare for your guests.
Time to meet amazing people, chat, laugh, eat and make friends.
Meet New People
Create a new Munch for people you don't know (or some you do)
Public Or Private
Open your Munch up to anyone or just invite your friends
Earn Money
Get paid for your efforts and whilst you're having fun with friends
Special Occasions
Arrange special occasions (celebrations, birthdays, launches)
Themed Meals
Organise theme meals (entrepreneurship, singles, pancake making, superheroes etc)
Cooking Classes
Teach the world your culinary skills and have fun meeting people at the same time

Host's often ask...

How can I become a host?

Lemon squeezy! From Munch Together's homepage, click on 'Sign Up'. Fill out your details or sign up using Facebook/Google. When your profile is ready, you can create your very own Munch and voila! Magic. You can then share the event to all of the folks you know and we’ll share it with the rest of the Munch family, especially those nearby.

Do I need to complete my profile?

Yep. There are sections of your profile that need to be completed in order to make or attend a Munch. We also encourage you to fully flesh out your your profile and give as much information about yourself as possible. There’s even a place for your Twitter and Instagram accounts. This just keeps everything more open as well as helping guests choose your Munch. The more information you share the more guests you will have - magic.

How will my home address be used?

When making a Munch, we will ask you to provide your full address. We will use part of your address to give potential guests an idea of the area where your Munch is. Once a guest signs up, they will be sent your full address. Your full address is only shared with guests who have confirmed and paid.

How do I know how much to charge for my Munch?

As a host, you put a 'price per guest' on your Munch. This can take into consideration how much the meal costs to prepare (including the ingredients) and ensure that it’s a fair reflection for the food and experience.

What fee does Munch Together charge?

Munch charges a small 5% service fee to cover payment processing fees and helps keep the site running. A full breakdown of this can be found when you enter your Munch price per person.

When will I get paid?

Hosts will usually get paid two working days after the Munch has taken place.

How will I get paid?

The payments from guests will be transferred directly to the host's bank account if located in the UK or into a PayPal account if outside the UK. We currently don’t offer international money transfers and require that non-UK hosts use PayPal for receiving payment. This may change in the future as we look to expand the ways in which hosts are paid.

I have to cancel my Munch - what happens?

We understand sometimes things happen and circumstances change and a Munch needs to be cancelled. Hosts are able to cancel a Munch through the ‘Actions’ button on the Munch’s page. This lets all of the guests know and provides everyone with a full refund - including any service fees.

Do I have to be a great cook?

No you don't. You just have to like having people round for food and meeting human beings from different walks of life. Don't be shy about not being a great cook - it's not the point of Munch Together. And if you are, then that’s just bonus that you get to share a passion.

What food basics do I need to know?

You need to make sure that you’ve read and accepted our food hygiene requirements. This includes basic rules for keeping everything clean as well as special care for things like chicken and rice.